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”I close my eyes and picture the emerald of the sea
from the fishing boats at Dingle to the shores at Dunehea”

Geographically Ireland is divided in a very unique way. It is divided into small Townlands.

What is a Townland? This has nothing to do with a 'town'. It is an area of the countryside of very irregular shape, often divided from the neighbouring Townland by a natural feature such as a river or a stream. It usually has a Gaelic name descriptive of the area, for example Drumbeg means little hill: drum = hill, beg = little. Our ancestors would have identified very strongly with their particular Townland. 'They knew every tree, every field, house and most of the old tales and associated with them'.

Irish Homesteads research the history of the Townlands of Ireland. We look at every aspect of your ancestral home. We then present it to you in the form of a beautiful parchment scroll  which you will display in your home with pride.

Our unique histories place each homestead in its geographical setting, it’s proximity to a local village or town and local landmarks. We will also provide you with the history of the ancient place name. Most importantly of course, we detail the generations of families who lived there over a period of almost 200 years, their farms and their homes.

Each scroll is specially created  to suit your own individual requirements featuring your own family, in fact anything that is important to you.  Let us know what interests you, be it local school, church or family, all can be included.


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